Great Northeastern War Scheduling System

This web site allows instructors and department heads to add classes to be taught at the Great Northeastern War and schedule other events.

It is entirely custom software, designed and implemented by a team of programmers, managed by Michael Graff, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Lord Griffin de Willingeham formerly from the Great Barony of Namron, in the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra. Lord Griffin is also the primary developer. Please see the Credits section for a complete author list. This particular version was adapted by Lord Aloysious Sartore of Ravensbridge for use at GNE, as he tried the spreadheet method and thought it was a lot of busywork that a computer should be doing.

The software is written in Ruby on Rails. All the source is open and available on Github as skandragon/thing. If you are interested in contributing, please drop Michael a note through Github.

Reporting Problems

If you wish to report a defect in how the web site operates, such as errors on form submission, the best option is to open a ticket in our bug tracking system. You will have to create a Github account if you do not already have one.

If the problem is more administrative, such as scheduling issues, questions about how to use the system, or questions about University procedures, please use the Contact link near the bottom right of every page. This will reach the GNE University staff via email. You may also use this to report web site errors if you do not wish to use Github to report technical issues.

Future Development

While the initial focus is for University classes and other classes organized through the University, it could be made more generic to allow use at other events, both inside and outside the SCA.

This is just a rough adaptation for use with Great Northeastern War, the future probably is in a re-write with a javascript front end that is more generic for use at many Kingdom events.


  • Lord Griffin de Willingeham, (Michael Graff) — Lead developer and project coordinator
  • Mistakes, bugs, and customization for GNE by Lord Aloysius Sartore, (Stacy Morang), Ravensbridge, Malagentia, East Kingdom